BOLD Lofts’ Airbnb apartments are designed to allow for self check-in, to minimize risk and maximize flexibility.

Scheduling #

Check-in time is typically 3:00pm EST, unless you have receive prior written approval from the host.

Access Codes #

Make sure to review your confirmation and messages from your host. You will be provided three different access codes that will be used to gain access to the building (“Exterior Code”), retrieve your key fobs (“Interior Code”), and enter your Airbnb rental (“Apartment Code”).

Arrival #

The pedestrian / guest entrance to the BOLD Lofts apartment building is located at the Southeast corner of the building, near the corner of Goodrich Ave & 2nd St. The building shares a guest parking lot (2 hours max) with the adjacent BOLD Cowork office building / Mōtōneko Café & Izakaya / Valley Bank.

When you arrive at the property, you may park in the front guest lot or in any available street parking (pay attention to signage). If it is during business hours, please do not park in spaces reserved for bank customers.

Above this front parking lot, you will see a painted, colorful mural of Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture, which extends to the full height of the building. Just below this mural is the entrance to the building, and to the left of the double glass doors is a callbox.

Below the callbox is a 4-digit coded lockbox: use the “Exterior Code” (provided by the host) to open the lockbox, where you will find a grey fob on a retractable cord. Pull the fob out of the box and touch it to the small black rectangle on the right side of the callbox (directly above). The LED indicator light will flash and you will hear a “beep” indicating the doors should be unlocked. Allow the cord to retract, close the box, and rescramble the numbers on the lockbox before you enter the building.

Once entering the building you will see a bank of lockboxes installed to the left of the elevator doors. Your host will have provided you with a “Lockbox Number” and it’s corresponding “Interior Code.” Inside this box, you will find two key fobs for you to take with you. These provide you access throughout the building, including the front doors (that you just used), the garage’s pedestrian door and vehicle gate (entrance from 2nd St, at the mid-point of the building), the 3rd floor’s amenities (Gym and Locker Rooms, Pool Deck, and Sunset Deck). You will also need to use them in the elevator to travel between floors.

Enter the elevator and use your fob on the reader (black rectangle box located above the buttons) to unlock the buttons. After you hear the confirmation beep, take the elevator to the third floor and follow the hallway to reach the Airbnb Wing of the building.

If the front elevator is out-of-service, or you prefer a shorter though the building: after getting your fobs, drive your car around and enter the parking garage. After entering, drive straight ahead and on the left (past the first row) and after a large wall you will see two Loading Zone parking spaces. There is a second elevator next to these spaces which will get you closer to the Airbnb Wing. Make sure to relocate your vehicle after unloading (see: Parking section).

When you find your rental’s door, you will use your “Apartment Code” to unlock the smart deadbolt. After entering the 4-digit code, press the bottom bean-shaped button and the door will unlock. Please note that the doors do not auto-lock so please make sure to always lock the door behind you when entering or leaving the apartment.

After Check-In #

Once you are in the apartment, you will find an additional key fob and a paper parking pass. If you have not yet relocated your vehicle into the parking garage, you should do so now and place the paper parking pass on your dashboard.

If it is after business hours, the garage gates will be closed. You must touch your key fob to the reader at the garage entrance in order to open the entrance gate (the exit gate opens automatically when approaching from the inside).

Once in the garage, you may park in any space that does not have a “RESERVED” sign (i.e. there is no signage at all on the space), or if you have a disability permit, you may park in any space with handicapped accessible signage.

Always remember to lock your car. Additional parking information can be found in the Parking section of this manual.

Check-in Problems #

If you have trouble checking-in during business hours, please call (941) 444-9795 and select the Airbnb extension, or message the host though the Airbnb app. If there is a technology malfunction, missing fob, stuck lock, or other situation preventing you access, please call (941) 444-9795 and select the After Hours Emergency extension.

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